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February 12, 2014


Grupo Lamar


Grupo Lamar (four minute video), in business for 25 years and the largest shrimp farm in Venezuela, is looking for new markets in China.


At the China Seafood and Fisheries Exposition (Dalian, China, November 2013), Yianni Stathakis, a sales executive at Grupo Lamar, said: “Ecuador’s Omarsa Group is already well established in China’s shrimp market, and we would like to follow and also be a major shrimp supplier to China.  We have targeted the China shrimp markets for several reasons.  We only produce head-on raw shrimp, and China is a huge market and does not require any certification.  However, we have to contend with lower prices offered by Chinese buyers.  We also prefer to trade in the Euro instead of the US dollar.”


Grupo Lamar has a total of 600 ponds, and with the setting up of a new processing plant some 10-20 minutes from the farm site, the expected production is 1,100 metric tons a year.  A new hatchery is being set up that will solve the limited-supply-of-postlarvae problem.  Currently only 100 ponds are in operation.


Venezuela has the right attributes to be a major player in the Chinese market, said Stathakis: “Production is all year round in temperatures of 29-30°C.  For the group, there is a daily harvest of 6 ponds of 6,000 kg of 50-60/kg or smaller shrimp.  The stocking density is 25 postlarvae/m2.  Our temperatures, which can reach 34°C, is too hot to produce large shrimp.”


Information: Yianni Stathakis, Grupo Lamar, Av 27A Local 27-53 Sector, El Manzanillo, Municipioio San Francisco Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela 4004 (phone +58 261 762 7288,


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