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April 25, 2016


Shrimp Farmers Plan to Import $60 Million Worth of Feed


As the result of an agreement between the Venezuelan government and the Association of Shrimp Producers of the West (ASOPROCO), shrimp farmers will receive foreign exchange funds for the import of shrimp feed worth $60 million.  The shrimp feed will be paid for with proceeds from shrimp exports.


Angel Belisario, Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Popular Power, said this arrangement will aid 32 farms in Zulia, Falcon, Trujillo and Merida states that have an estimated production of 25,000 metric tons of shrimp a year, representing 85 percent of Venezuela’s production of farmed shrimp.


Under the agreement, the association will be able to import 4,500 tons of shrimp feed a month, valued at $5.4 million, and up to 50,000 tons for the remainder of 2016, valued at estimated $60 million.


The shrimp farms will allocate 10 per cent of their production (approximately 2,500 tons a year) to the domestic market, which will complement the wild catch shrimp of 5,000 tons a year.  Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, said, “The agreement we have signed guarantees...a fair price for the people.”


Approximately 85 percent of Venezuela’s shrimp exports will be destined for Asian markets (China and Vietnam) and the remaining 15 percent to the European Union.


Source: FIS United States (  Producers to Import Feed for USD 60 Million to Boost Shrimp Production.  April 23, 2016.

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