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October 12, 2013


Biofloc Workshop—Program


In conjunction with the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2013 conference (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, December 10-13, 2013), sponsored by the World Aquaculture Society and the Asian Institute of Technology, the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES) will conduct a Workshop on Biofloc Technology and Shrimp Diseases (December 9-10, 2013).



Program Schedule

Monday, December 9, 2013

Session 1—Environmental Effects of Shrimp Diseases


• Immune Mechanisms in Crustaceans (Kenneth Soderhall)


• Determination of the Agent of Acute Hepatopancrteatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND), an Emerging Disease in Southeast Asia (Donald Lightner)


• Evaluation of Immune Enhancement in Shrimp Growing in Biofloc Systems (In-Kwon Jang)


• Co-Infection in Shrimp and Its Meaning in Biofloc Systems (Peter Bossiers)


• Interactions Between Feeds, Feeding and Health Management in Biofloc Systems (Craig Browdy)


• High Performing Biofloc Systems Using Probiotics—View from Asia and Latin America (Olivier Decamp, Marcos Santos, Hoa Nguyen Duy, Fauzan Bahri and Jaime Munoz Medina)


• Discussion



Monday, December 9, 2013

Session 2—Environmental Effects of Shrimp Diseases


• The Effects of Bioflocs Grown on Different Carbon Sources on Shrimp’s Immune Response and Disease Resistance (Julie Ekasari and Peter Bossiers)


• Green Water Technology for Shrimp Farming: Modes of Action (Marc Verdegem and Eleonor A. Tendencia)


• Role of Selective Breeding in Biofloc Shrimp Production and Disease Mitigation (Shaun M. Moss, Dustin R. Moss, Clete A. Otoshi, Steve M. Arce and Donald V. Lightner)


• Bioflocs: Past, Present and Future (Robbins McIntosh)


• AHPNS Research in Vietnam (Dang Thi Hoang Oanh, may be moved to Tuesday, December 10, 2013)




Monday, December 9, 2013

Tentative Discussion Topics

Chairman, Yoram Avnimelech


• Do we have take home advice for farmers and governments?


• Are there specific conditions under which we can expect and detect positive effects of biofloc technology on disease eradication?


• Proper pond management as a tool to minimize disease and specify management steps.


• Are their specific additives, feeds, technologies to help curb diseases?


• Relevant research priorities.


• Dinner



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Session 3—Practical Experience and Conclusions

Chairman, Haung Tung


• Conclusions from Monday’s Sessions (Yoram Avnimelech)


• Shrimp Farming: Biofloc as Biosecurity (Nyan Taw)


• Bioflocs as an Alternative Treatment for Whitespot Syndrome Virus (Wilson Wasielesky)


• Practical Measures to Deal with Shrimp Disease Outbreaks in Vietnam  (Haung Tung)


• Co-culture of Penaeus monodon and Red Tilapia with bioflocs (Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul)


• Effects of Biofloc Systems on Streptococcus Infections in Tilapia (Yoram Avnimelech)


•  Is It Possible to Control the Bacterial Composition in Shrimp and Fishponds? (Stephen Newman)


• Round Table Discussion: All Lecturers


Registration: $75 for both days and $25 for just the second day.  You can register online at the World Aquaculture Society’s Website.  Individuals who plan to pay the registration fee on arrival are encouraged to pre-register at the WAS Website.


Information: Yoram Avnimelech at and Hoang Tung at


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Venture Farms, Pte., Ltd.  Subject: Biofloc Technology and Shrimp Disease.  October 11, 2013.

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