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March 12, 2015


CAMIMEX’s Organic Shrimp




Established in 1977 and certified by Naturland in 2002, Camau Frozen Seafood Processing Import-Export Corporation (CAMIMEX) was the first organic shrimp farm in Vietnam.


It operates in the Ngoc Hien Forest, located in the southernmost district of Ca Mau Province (Mekong Delta), with more than 1,210 shrimp farms.  The farms use no antibiotics, no fertilizers, no chemicals, no feeds—and stock at very low densities (1 to 2 postlarvae per square meter).  CAMIMEX has the only organic shrimp hatchery in the world, certified under European Union Regulations #834/07 and #889/08.


CAMIMEX’s main products are tiger, white, pink and cat tiger shrimp, processed as HOSO, HLSO, PND, PUD, PTO, CPTO, nobashi, sushi, tempura and breaded.


Information: Gerhard Zurlutte, Buyer Frozen Products, Coop, Thiersteinerallee 14, P.O. Box 2550, 4002 Basel, Switzerland (phone +4-61-3366968, fax +41-61-3367220, email, webpage


Source: Asean Seafood.  Camimex Is Only Organic Shrimp Producer in Vietnam and in the World of 2015.  March 4, 3015.

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