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January 8, 2016


Ca Mau Province Building a Disease-Free Hatchery Industry


The southernmost province of Ca Mau, Vietnam’s biggest producer of farmed shrimp, faces a shortage of disease-free shrimp postlarvae as it awaits completion of new hatcheries near high-quality water sources.  Ca Mau Province has nearly 300,000 hectares devoted to aquaculture, mostly for shrimp.


The province has 875 hatcheries that produce about 9 to 10 billion postlarvae a year, but that only meets 50 percent of the demand, according to the Ca Mau Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Consequently, Shrimp farmers have to import PLs from other provinces.


The province’s current hatcheries are small-scale and scattered, making it difficult for authorities to regulate and inspect them.  In addition, the awareness of shrimp farmers about the quality of shrimp seedstock is limited, and they continue to purchase seedstock from dubious sources.


More than 12,000 hectares of shrimp ponds in Ca Mau were infected with whitespot and other disease in 2015.  Poor quality of PLs was the main cause of the disease, experts said.


Phan Thong Minh, an experienced PL producer in Ngoc Hien District, said high-quality PLs accounted for 70 percent of the successful harvests in Ca Mau in 2015.


To ensure quality PLs, Ca Mau is implementing a plan to build hatcheries along large rivers that have good water resources and infrastructure.  The province has built the first phase of a large shrimp hatchery on 55 hectares in Ngoc Hien District.  It can produce about 7 billion PLs a year.  Funded by the Vietnam-Australia, Co., Ltd., the province is in the process of building a second hatchery at a 66-hectare site, which could produce 8 billion PLs a year.  When the first hatchery reaches full capacity, it will be able to meet 75 percent of the province’s demand for PLs, and with the completion of the second hatchery, it will be able to meet 100 percent of the province’s demand.


The Ca Mau Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also offers training in identifying quality shrimp seedstock and publicized its hatchery inspection results on the department’s website and in the media.


Source: Viet Nam News.  Ca Mau Lacks Disease-Free Shrimp.  January 7, 2016.

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