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September 29, 2013


China Continues to Scoop Up Vietnamese Farmed Shrimp


The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) reports that unlicensed Chinese merchants continue to purchase Vietnam’s shrimp in large quantities.  Some sources report that 300 tons of Vietnamese farmed shrimp cross the border into China every day.  Phu Yen Province in central Vietnam is one of the favorite purchasing points of the Chinese merchants.  They pay $0.47 a kilo more for shrimp than the local processors.


Huynh Tan Luc, a shrimp farmer, said he does not care who buys his shrimp.  He just tries to sell it to those who pay the highest prices.


Le Van Hong, Director of Ba Hai Company in Phu Yen Province, a shrimp processor and exporter, said, “Chinese can pay high for shrimp because they don’t have licenses and they don’t have to pay tax.”


Nguyen Thi Phi Anh, deputy general director of Vietnam’s Thuan Phuoc Seafood and Trade Company, says his company can’t find enough shrimp to process.  Other processors tell similar stories.  Anh said Chinese flock to Vietnam because Thailand, formerly a big supplier to China, suffers from poor shrimp crops.


Source: Vietnam Net Bridge.  Chinese Scramble for Shrimp in Vietnam.  September 26, 2013.


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