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April 18, 2016


Drought Affects Shrimp Farming



Vietnam is suffering through its most severe drought in 90 years, blamed partly on the El Nino weather phenomenon, which produces drier and hotter weather throughout Southeast Asia.


In Bac Lieu Province, a major shrimp-raising province, signs are planted on dried-up shrimp ponds advertising land for sale or for lease.


To Viet Tien, 61, has been raising shrimp since 1982 and has never seen it so bad.  “It’s been too hot towards the bottom of the pond and shrimp can’t stand it,” he said.


Vietnam, a major shrimp exporter to the United States, produced 91,900 metric tons in the January-March period, down one percent from a year ago, government data says.


Source: A Channel News Asia.  Delta Drought Gives Glimpse Into Bleak Future for Mighty Mekong.  Reuters.  Prak Chan Thul (Cambodia), Amy Lefevre (Thailand), Marcy Nicholson (United States) and David Brough (United Kingdom).  Edited by Bill Tarrant.  April 17, 2017.

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