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July 20, 2015


Shrimp Farming in the Mangroves of Tra Vinh Province



Thousands of shrimp farmers in Tra Vinh Province (Mekong Delta) have earned relatively high incomes after adopting improved extensive shrimp farming techniques in the mangroves.  They have improve their standard of living, and restored, conserved and enlarged the mangrove forests.  In the past, many of them faced difficulties when they used more intensive, pond-based farming techniques.


With half of its 4.5 hectares covered by mangrove forest, Pham Van Huan’s family earns a profit of nearly $7,000 a year from shrimp farming.  Though the earnings are not high, the model reduces capital and management costs.  Recently Huan planted an additional 3 hectares of forest to expand his farm and income.


Phan Van Canh from the Long Vinh Commune in the Duyen Hai District of Tra Vinh Province said his family suffered losses for three consecutive years and got in debt after he cut trees and built ponds to farm shrimp.  His first harvests were good, but subsequent harvests were not profitable.  Canh said, “Since we re-planted forest and raised shrimps and crabs by improved techniques...with food completely relying on nature and supplementary food per week, we have earned more than $5,000 a year.”


Statistics show that 80% of shrimp farmers who apply improved extensive techniques in the mangroves have made profits.


From 2010 to 2014, farmers in the coastal areas in Tra Vinh Province replanting nearly 3,200 hectares of mangroves for shrimp farming, increasing the Province’s mangrove area to more than 7,500 hectares.


Source: The Voice of Vietnam.  Aquaculture Under Forest Canopy Helps Tra Vinh Mangrove Trees Revive.  July 19, 2015.

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