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March 7, 2014


Pollution from Lobster Farms Threatens Lobster Hatchery



Cam Binh Commune in Cam Ranh Bay has prospered, thanks to lobster farming and tourism.  Cam Binh’s people are called the “rich people” because they have higher per capita income than the surrounding communities.  The lobster hatchery and lobster farming helped them get rich, but now pollution from the lobster farms has endangered the hatchery.


According to the Cam Binh Commune People’s Committee, 700 households maintain 4,000 lobster cages that discharge more than one ton of waste into the bay everyday.  That pollution has threatened production at the lobster hatchery.


Sixteen self-managed teams have been set to collect, store and treat waste from the cages, but local people say that has not helped much because the waste water from the storage areas runs back into the bay during in high tides.


Source: VietnamNetBridge.  The Obsession of the “Lobster Island”.  Dan Viet.  March 7, 2014.

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