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September 19, 2015


Quang Tri Province—Diseases


Pollution from wastewater released by shrimp farms has killed millions of farmed shrimp in Quang Tri Province.


The province’s Department of Veterinary Services said 79 out of 223 hectares of shrimp farms had disease problems.  The figure is expected to rise as the pollution spreads.


Ninety-nine percent of the shrimp in 66 hectares of ponds on Bac Phuoc Islet in the province’s Trieu Phong District have died from a variety of diseases.


Each affected farmer has lost about $5,000 worth of postlarvae.  Tran Van Duong, a shrimp farmer, said the disease spread so fast that he and other farmers could not react in time to save them.  Similar diseases have attacked other shrimp farms in the Hai Lang District of Quang Tri Province.


Nguyen Vu Si, chairman of Trieu Phuoc Commune, which has 149 hectares of shrimp farms, said,  “Farmers did not hygienically prepare the farms before each crop and their release of waste water has polluted environment around the farms.”


Source: Vietnam News.  Pollution Kills Millions of Quang Tri Shrimp.  September 19, 2015.

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