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March 1, 2016


First Two Months of 2016 Show Improvement


In first two months of 2016, shrimp production and prices showed signs of recovery in Vietnam.  The weak supply in February and rising purchase demand for processing and exports pushed raw shrimp prices sharply higher.


At this time, most of the ponds in the Mekong Delta are not stocked, while they wait for temperatures to improve and pond stocking to resume.


Shrimp prices increased after the long Lunar New Year holiday, as shrimp processors rushed to build inventories for processing and export.


According to reports from Mekong Delta provinces, the area dedicated to brackish water shrimp farming expanded in first two months of 2016.  The giant tiger shrimp farming area is estimated at 413,674 hectares, an increase of 0.2% over 2015, and production is estimated at 22,377 metric tons.  The area dedicated to white shrimp farming is estimated at 10,178 hectares, and production is estimated at 9,491 tons.


During the first two months of 2016, in Ca Mau Province, prices for 20-count-per-kilo, whole, tiger shrimp increased by $0.50, to $13.03 per kilo; prices for 30-count-per-kilo, whole, tiger shrimp increased by $1.00, to  $10.31 a kilo; and prices for 40-count-per-kilo, whole, tiger shrimp increased by $0.25 to $7.15 a kilo.


Prices for 70-count-per-kilo, whole, white shrimp increased from $6.19 a kilo to $6.28 a kilo.  Prices for 100-count-per-kilo, whole, white shrimp remained steady at $5.16 per kilo.


In 2016, the Directorate of Fisheries thinks 600 thousand hectares will be dedicated to the production of giant tiger shrimp in Vietnam, up 1% compared to 2015, when production reached 280 thousand metric tons, an increase of 4.4% from 2015.


In 2016, white shrimp farming will be concentrated in the central and northern provinces and in the intensives farming areas of southern Vietnam.  In 2016, white shrimp farmers hope to have 95,000 hectares in production and think they will be able to produce 400 thousand metric tons.


In Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development collaborate with the Directorate of Fisheries and other authorities to support shrimp farming.


Source: Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers’ (VASEP) Website.  Positive Signs for Vietnam Shrimp Production and Exports in First 2 Months.  Le Hang.  Ms. Kim Thu (Shrimp Market Specialist, email  March 1, 2016.

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