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August 4, 2015


Video—Heavy Paddlewheel Aeration


This five-minute, noisy video shows heavy paddlewheel aeration in two, super-intensive shrimp ponds with automatic feeders.  The bubble trail from the aerators allows you to see the water circulation pattern in both ponds.  Also if you look carefully, you can see workers doing cast net harvests (minute 2, second 3) at the top of pond two and later, in more detail, on the right side of pond two (minute 2, second 53 and minute 3, second 49).  You can also see the effect of an aspirating aerator (minute 4, second 2).


Information: Aquatec (email, mobile phone 098-814-6111, webpage (in Vietnamese).


Source: DailyMotion.  Video Super Intensive Shrimp Farming.  Plageklastons.  August 3, 2015.

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