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January 23, 2016

West Africa

Job—Crab Farming Expert


On behalf of an international client, Smart International Consulting (Cambodia) is looking for a crab farming expert to work in West Africa



• Bachelor of Science Degree in agriculture, aquaculture or animal husbandry

• A minimum of five years experience in commercial crab farming

• Experience in African with crab farming would be appreciated

• Knowledge or past experience in the use of recirculating systems required.

• Good knowledge of spoken and written English

• Experience in crab disease prevention and control

• Understanding of aquaculture engineering


Job Description:

• Direct, oversee and coordinate crab farm workers

• Conduct and supervise stock examinations to identify diseases and parasites

• Confer with biologists, pathologists and other personnel to obtain data.

• Determine, administer and execute policies relating to operations administration and

facility maintenance.

• Monitor environments to maintain optimum conditions for aquatic life.

• Account for and disburse funds.

• Collect and record growth, production and environmental data.

• Determine how to allocate resources and how to respond to unanticipated problems such

as insect infestation, flooding and fire

• Devise and participate in activities to improve crab hatching and growth rates and to

prevent disease in hatcheries

• Direct and monitor the transfer of crabs to ponds, streams or commercial tanks

• Prepare reports required by state and federal laws.

• Supervise and train crab hatchery workers.

• Identify environmental requirements of crab species

• Select and oversee the preparation of sites for crab farming

• Operate and maintain farming and harvesting equipment

• Coordinate the selection and maintenance of broodstock

• Direct and monitor trapping and spawning of crabs

• Incubate crab eggs and raise crab fry

• Design and construct pens, floating stations, collector strings and fences for sea farms.

• Inspect farm operations

• Provide guidance and expert advice to management and other groups

• Manage, administer and execute policy relating to the administration, facility maintenance

and standards of hatchery operations


Applications: Email your application to (Skype adalidda, WhatsApp +85577778919).  Deadline: 30 April 2016.


Source: Smart International Consulting.  Job Vacancy: Sea Crab Farming Expert.  January 21, 2016.


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