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February 16, 2015

The World

Costco Wholesale Sells Tiger Shrimp from Vietnam


Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise.  In 2014, it was the second largest retailer in the United States and the third largest in the world.  Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, United States, it has a total of 671 stores spread throughout the world: United Kingdom (26), Australia (7), Canada (88), Mexico (34), Taiwan (10), South Korea (11), Japan (20), Spain (1) and the United States (474).  The grocery sections of its stores in the United States market shell-on tiger shrimp from Vietnam.  On February 15, 2015, I visited its store in Mountain View, California, and photographed this package of Vietnamese shrimp.



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