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February 11, 2016

The World ??????

Video—Advanced Stacked Raceway System



This two-minute, color video shows a conceptual design of a modular, stacked-raceway shrimp farm made from plastic pipe and clear plastic trays.  It also shows several components that could be filters, pumps, settling tanks or heaters–and animates the production process from stocking to harvest.


Shrimp News: Other than the words “DESIGN CONCEPT BY MITCOR” and “MITCOR seastainability realized” displayed on the video, there is no indication of who produced it, or why—and multiple searches for “MITCOR” on Google turned up nothing.  I tried to contact Liz Pro, who posted the video, through her Facebook account, but was not successful.  If you know anything about the production of this video, please contact Bob at


Source: YouTube.  Sample Shrimp Farm.  Liz Pro.  February 9, 2016.

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