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The Queen of Shrimp Pornography
Isabella Rossellini



On September 2, 2009, the Sundance Channel unveiled plans for its third season premiere of the critically acclaimed and Webby Award-winning short film series, Green Porno, written and co-directed by actress Isabella Rossellini.  With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, Rossellini focuses on the sexual behavior of insects and sea creatures.  She hams it up as a whale, starfish, limpet, anglerfish, barnacle, squid, anchovy—and shrimp: portraying a northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis), a small, coldwater species that supports a worldwide fishery north of the 40th latitude, as it changes sex from male to female.  Yes, that really happens in the wild!


Like previous seasons of Green Porno, the third batch of short films is scientifically accurate, supportive of the environment, critical of commercial fishing (and to a lesser degree, shrimp farming) and exceptionally entertaining.  The films are a playful mixture of real world and cartoon.  Each film features Rossellini speaking directly to the camera about the creature at hand.  She uses animation, paper cutouts and puppets to illustrate its particular, often peculiar, mating strategies.


The Associated Press gave Green Porno a great review:


“Isabella Rossellini has established herself as the world’s most prominent porn artist specializing in the lusty behavior of bugs, barnacles, starfish and shrimp.


Her Green Porno short films have become a Web sensation, offering morsels about the reproductive habits of insects and ocean life and a clever dose of low-budget filmmaking that takes its cue from old-fashioned arts and crafts classes.


The films, written and co-directed by Rossellini, feature the actress offering wry narration about how she would mate if she were a dragonfly or squid or anchovy.  Rossellini appears in costumes mostly made of paper, staring in bemusement at the camera as she shows off makeshift versions of some of the species’ gargantuan sexual apparatus.”


Here's the Link for the Green Porno Shrimp Video: It takes about a minute to load, and there is a short advertisement that precedes the shrimp video.


After watching the shrimp video, you can easily go back and watch all the other Green Porno videos at: www.sundancechannel.com/greenporno.


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