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Where Can I Get Training To Become a Shrimp Farmer?


On August 10, 2014, I sent the above question to Shrimp News’s 7,000 registered readers.  Here are some of the responses:


Ahmed Adam ( from Saudi Arabia: I would like to recommend the Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre in Malaysia.


Khoo Eng-Wah ( In Malaysia, I run the Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre (STAC), which was set up in 1997 to provide training in fish and crustacean farming.  I operated a tiger shrimp farm for about 20 years in Malaysia and have trained many crab and shrimp farmers that are active in the industry today.  My course fee is $1,500 for three days of training (two days of lectures and one day of farm tours).  I supply accommodations, meals and reading material.  The instruction is in English, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia.  Contact me at: STAC Aquaculture R&D Centre, No. 1 Jalan Tasik Ara 2, Pantai Sepang Putre, Sungai Pelek 43950, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia (phone 03-31412761, mobile 012-2838156, fax 03-31413948, email, webpage


Alex Malaguti (, Vice President of Marketing at Newport International in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA: The University of Florida offers shrimp quality control and inspection courses.  It co-sponsors the training with the USA Food and Drug Administration and other organizations.  It’s called the “Shrimp School”.


Gary Beatty ( Ohio State University in the United States has a good aquaponics program, and RDM Shrimp in Indiana offers some classes.  I think Pursue University and the University of Kansas also offer some courses.


Karlanea Brown ( My husband and I run RDM Aquaculture, an indoor, recirculating shrimp farm in Fowler, Indiana.  We have 16 grow out tanks and 10 nursery tanks.  We offer tours and tell people about our facility for $200.  We also offer consulting packages and sell shrimp farming systems.   Our consulting packages are for one year.  Once a month, we offer on-site training for one day for $500 a person.  The classes are limited to ten people and run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Lunch is provided.  We explain how our systems work during the morning session, and then conduct three or four hands on sessions during the afternoon session.  We require fluency in English.  For those who want to participate in one of our programs, we supply a list of hotels that are about 25 minutes away from our facility.


Joseph Winterhalter (, an importer in the United States:  Click on the following link for some Free Books, then try typing “shrimp farming training” into Google, and you’ll find some good information.  Here are some of the things that I found at Google:


United States:


Thailand: and






Philippines:'%20Directory_shrimp%20culture.pdf.  If this link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your web browser.


Italy: (a lengthy instruction manual on freshwater prawn farming with pictures).


Les Knoesen ( I’m part of Florida Organic Aquaculture in Florida, USA.  It’s our intention to help people learn how to farm shrimp, but as yet we have not yet set up a program, although we are training interns from South America and Florida.  It’s our goal to share our knowledge and train people.


Madeleine Navarce ( In the Philippines, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ National Integrated Fisheries Training and Development Center offers training at the Asian Fisheries Academy in Bonuan, Binloc, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.


Marcel Selfer ( I’m 25 and have an investor and partner willing to build a shrimp farm in Mexico.   Unfortunately, it’s hard to learn about shrimp farming on the job.  The closest I came to a “training” program was a technical tour offered by Shrimp59 in Iowa.  Otherwise, over the past two years, I’ve received all my training from personal contacts.  I have not been able to find any training programs or workshops.


Mohammad Nadjib ( There is no professional training center for shrimp farmers in Indonesia, but we have done some training work and collaboration with local farmers.


Norie Agel ( In the Philippines, try SEAFDEC at


Paul Moros ( I’m looking for a shrimp farming training program.


Peter Hain ( Very interesting!  I’m contemplating starting a shrimp farm here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA, and look forward to the report from your readers.


Vishwas Rao ( In India, several institutions provide training for shrimp farmers:


1. National Fisheries Development Board

2. Marine Products Exports Development Authority

3. Ragiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture

4. Central Institute Brackishwater Aquaculture

5. Annamalai University, Centre for Advanced Study, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu, India


Zakaria Abdirad ( I am a PhD student in aquatic animal health and diseases at the Iranian Fishery Research Organization, which has organized many workshops and training course for shrimp farmers in Bushehr Province, located in southern Iran on the Persia Gulf.  Courses are about a weeklong and offer accommodations and meals, but I don’t know how much they cost.  If someone is interested in one of the courses, please contact me, and I’ll find out more about them for you.


Toru Mitsuboshi ( In Japan, we don’t have facilities for training shrimp farmers, but I know that in Thailand a company named “Vannamei 101” offers month-long training courses.


Tingjun Wang ( I’m interested in getting training for our technical people.  If you have someone who can do the training in China, let me know.


New Mexico Shrimp Co ( We are start-up company in the state of New Mexico, USA, and have several years’ experience using heterotrophic zero exchange systems for production of Pacific white shrimp.  Investors can license our technology and knowhow.  We can set-up individuals in their own business and provide training and education. Training time and cost depend on several different factors, such as background experience and location.  We have worked with several different countries.  We are primarily English speaking.  We have developed software to help make decisions on water quality.  We are not limited to New Mexico and can help establish a facility in any state.  Accommodations can be arranged.  Information: NM Shrimp Co., 200 Conway Street, Mesilla Park, New Mexico 88047 (phone 575-639-5110, email, webpage Our website is under construction at


Mark Oliver ( owner/CEO of LMC Training in Australia: Shrimp farm training is our main business.


LMC Training is Australia’s largest accredited warm water aquaculture training institution.  Our courses cover aquaculture, seafood processing, seafood distribution and sales and environmental management.


LMC offers entry-level training, technical training and shrimp farm business management courses.  We offer certificate level and diploma aquaculture courses for shrimp farming as well as short courses on a range of shrimp farming topics.  LMC can customize training programs for commercial facilities or companies wishing to enter the shrimp farming industry.


We use a range of training methods including onsite training at commercial farms, online courses and workshops.


LMC has access to commercial shrimp farms in Australia that can be used as training sites.  We also have access to classrooms and training facilities.  LMC is an international business and has the capacity to undertake face-to-face training programs globally.


LMC offers a wide range of products.  Fees vary depending on the program.  Please check out our website for details.  For tailor made programs, ask us for a price quote.


Our learning material was developed by industry experts, and all of our trainers have over ten year’s commercial aquaculture experience.


N.B. VijayaKumar Kallepalli ( A workshop on bioflocs will be conducted in Chennai, India, on November 24–25, 2014, by the Society for Aquaculture Professionals and Dr. Yoram AvnimelechInformation:  Anil Ghanekar, phone +91-98400-83907, email; P.K. Senthil Kumar, phone +91-94440-24555, email; and Society of Aquaculture Professionals, 2&3, PKM Cross Street, School Road, Mel Ayanambakkam, Chennai 600 095, India, phone +91-44-2653-4501,  fax +91-44-2653-4503, webpage


Mohan Krishnan ( Training programs in crustacean culture and finfish culture are conducted by the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture in Chennai, India.  You can check them out at  The Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai, India offers various skill development programs, Masters Degrees in Fisheries and PhD programs in 11 disciplines of fisheries and aquaculture, in addition to a on-year postgraduate diploma in fisheries and aquaculture at our Kolkatta Centre.  Yout can check them out at  We have a number of foreign students in our programs.


Dr. Marco A. Alvarez Galvez ( reports:  In Ecuador, Espol University ( and offers a weeklong course in shrimp farming for ten students at a time.  The cost is $2,500, and the lectures are in English, Portuguese or Spanish.


David Griffith ( a seasoned shrimp farmer who has managed large shrimp farming projects all over the world, writes: Bob, I think your question should have been “I want to become a shrimp farmer.  Who should I see?  A psychologist or a psychiatrist?


Source: Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International.  August 16, 2014.


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