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Shrimp News Special Reports

If you would like to add information to one of these reports, please email it to bob@shrimpnews.com, along with the title and date of the report you would like to update, and I’ll append to the end of the report.


April 24, 2017Whitespot in Australia


February 11, 2017Eight Shrimp Videos, Let Me Entertain You


January 13, 2017Who Remembers the Shrimp on a Treadmill Video?


December 19, 2016How Does China Sneak Antibiotic-Tainted, Farmed Shrimp into
the United States
(Malaysia and Ecuador Implicated)?


December 9, 2016What's in Dr. Samocha's New Manual on Biofloc Shrimp


December 5, 2016What Happens in Shrimp Ponds During Heavy Rains?

May 23, 2016The 3 Socios, Scott Horton, Paul Frelier and Bill More


April 19, 2016The USA Food and Drug Administration's Policies on Antibiotics


April 19, 2016Hydrogen Sulfide—The Silent Killer

March 22, 2016Super-Intensive Biofloc Shrimp Farming—a Manual, Coming Soon


March 18, 2016The AQ1's Acoustic Feeding SystemUpdate


March 17, 2016The O2Waterator, a New Concept in Aeration


March 5, 2016Oil-Dry Corporation of America Applies for Patent


March 1, 2016Is It Time To Re-examine the Requirements for
Shrimp Farm Certification

February 15, 2016The Kinky Sex Life of Lobsters

September 23, 2015Vietnam—Research—A Strain of Vibrio harveyi Causes EMS!


July 19, 2015Giant Tiger Shrimp in the Western Hemisphere


July 12, 2015Identification and Antimicrobial Resistance of Bacteria Isolated

from Probiotic Products Used in Shrimp Farming


May 5, 2015Professor Timothy Flegel on Shrimp Diseases in Asia


April 13, 2015How to Manage the New Microsporidian Disease


April 8, 2015Performance Standards for Shrimp Farms


April 5, 2015Recent Advances in AHPND/EMS


February 20, 2015A New PCR Test for AHPND


February 9, 2015Why Are You Still Saying "Litopenaeus vannamei"


November 25, 2014An Urgent Appeal to Control the Spread of a Microsporidian Parasite


November 25, 2014Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about EMS in Mexico Shrimp News Interviews Scott Horton


October 13, 2014Epicore BioNetworks—Shrimp News Interviews Fernando Garcia


October 12, 2014"Sound" Feeding Systems for Big, Semi-Intensive Shrimp Farms

August 16, 2014Where Can I Get Training To Become a Shrimp Farmer?

August 4, 2014Why Has Vietnam Been the Only Country to Recover from EMS?


July 28, 2014China—Typhoon Rammasun


July 2, 2014What is the Shrimp Processing Industry Doing with
Its Surplus of Heads and Shells?


Information: Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International

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