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TransAmerican Aquaculture, Scott Horton Reports




Scott Edward Horton, M.S., Chief Operations Officer of TransAmerican Aquaculture, LLC, filed this report:


Trans American Aquaculture LLC (TAA) was incorporated in 2017 by Ecuadorian shrimp farmers and USA partners with the goal of producing shrimp through the reconstruction and modernization of an abandoned shrimp farm in the United States.


It has purchased the King’s Aqua Farm previously known as Southern Star Shrimp Farm in south Texas, USA.  The company operates with funds from the partners; there is no outside financing or investment.


The farm was originally built in the 1990s and covers 765 hectares (1,890 acres) with 422 ha (1042 acres) of ponds.  Production ceased in 2010.  There are ponds for semi-intensive, intensive and year-round hyper-intensive farming.  The TAA project will rebuild and modernize the entire farm by 2019, including the addition of a hatchery and broodstock facility.  This will allow TAA to grow without setbacks and the risk that could result from the lack of seed or the genetics for the local environment.



The farm will be operated using organic principles and techniques.  Both farm and hatchery are in the process of GAA/BAP certification.


The owners are committed to environmentally friendly, sustainable practices.  The farm will operate on a recirculating water system with zero discharge, and 20% of the farm area is set aside as a wetland for water treatment.  TAA will condition its pond water with products made from fermented natural grain byproducts that promote a healthy microbial environment and reduce pathogenic strains of bacteria.


TAA will produce high-quality, Penaeus vannamei for domestic and export markets.


TAA will utilize the nutritional technology from Zeigler Brothers, Inc.  Zeigler is a world leader in aquatic animal nutrition.  TAA will also be collaborating with Zeigler to carry out nutritional and environmental studies on site.


TAA plans on producing 1,000,000 pounds of shrimp in 2018 and five million pounds in the coming years, as more hectares are rebuilt and more intensive technology is applied.  The farm can produce sizes up to 40 grams (20-30/kg HOSO, 16-20/lb SO) in a single production cycle; or two production cycles of smaller size shrimp.







The Ecuadorian partners in TAA have been farming shrimp successfully since the 1980s.  They currently operate highly profitable farms and three hatcheries, all using recirculating technology.  They are pioneers in the use of probiotics in larval culture and growout systems to maintain high-quality water, reduce effluents and control diseases.  Their know-how and expertise are vital to the successful reconstruction of the Texas farm, design of the maturation and larval culture labs, and development of all the operational protocols.


Scott Horton, Chief Operations Officer, is the onsite manager at TAA and Ricardo Hernandez is the Administrative Manager.  Scott has 36 years of experience, working in four countries, successfully leading companies dedicated to the semi-intensive, intensive, and hyper-intensive pond culture of shrimp.  He has led farms and hatcheries to success during five pandemics and several minor disease outbreaks.  He has formed and directed teams of personnel that helped companies achieving their goals of production and efficiency.


Ricardo Hernandez is the co-founder of one of the largest hatchery companies in Mexico and has over 25 years experience in administration and operation of shrimp hatcheries.  His company’s genetic improvement program produced lines of shrimp exhibiting high growth and disease resistance.  The firm produced animals not only for internal use, but also for domestic and export markets.


TAA also retains outside experts in the fields of processing and marketing, pathology, nutrition, genetics and energy efficiency.





Adam Thomas, CEO/CFO of TAA, brings over 14 years of successful risk management and profit and loss management to TAA.  Prior to his role with TAA, he was a Vice President of Operations at J.P. Morgan Chase.  He also served as the Head of Corporate Strategy and Financial Analysis for a large private consulting firm and successfully led multiple, multimillion-dollar acquisitions and created cost reduction strategies that have led to double-digit margin increases.


Information: Adam Thomas, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer, 1022 Shadyside Lane, Dallas, TX, 75223, USA (Phone 1-957-646-1908, Email Website


Information: Scott Edward Horton, M.S., Chief Operations Officer, TransAmerican Aquaculture, LLC, 16455 FM 1847, Rio Hondo, Texas 78583, USA (Phone 1-972-595-8865, Email


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Scott Horton at TransAmerican Aquaculture, LLC.  Subject: Texas Article.  March 1, 2018.


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