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How Much Does Cholesterol Cost?


Tatiana Poletto ( I want to buy some purified cholesterol and phospholipids (purified soy lecithin).  How much do they cost?  I’ll be using them as a shrimp feed supplement.


What percentage of shrimp farmers around the world are using feeds that contain cholesterol and/or phospholipids?


Nelson Gerundo ( Tatiana, are you marketing a product?  Who do you work for?  Is your question related to your product?


Daniel Gruenberg ( Tatiana, we use cholesterol in our maturation diets.  It costs about $150/kg.


It’s an essential ingredient in feeds, but it’s also in a lot of other things that shrimp eat, so whether or not pure cholesterol is added depends on the particular formula.


Eric Muylder (, Tatiana, generally, depending on country and quantity, phospholipids with 90% purity cost $100-$120 per kg.  Theoretically, in combination with phospholipids, you should have 0.25-0.4% cholesterol in the shrimp diet for optimal growth.  Without phospholipids, the requirement for cholesterol is even higher.  This requirement was established in a clean water environment, not in a shrimp pond that is loaded with natural feeds, like zooplankton, that provide an additional source of cholesterol.


A standard shrimp feed without added cholesterol will contain between 0.07 and 0.1 % cholesterol, which means you should add 1.5-3.0 kg cholesterol in the feeds.  Of course, any feed mill that did this would be out of business because his feed would be $200-$350 a ton more expensive.  So, generally, you can assume that no feed producer is adding cholesterol in standard diets for semi-intensive shrimp farming.  Cholesterol is added to nursery feeds, broodstock feeds, prime quality feeds, maybe in some feeds for intensive culture, or on farms that have their own feed mills.  If cholesterol were less expensive, shrimp feed would have much more cholesterol in it.


Tatiana Poletto ( Nelson, my name is Tatiana.  I’m an oceanographer with a doctorate in Aquaculture (UFSC-Brazil).  I’m investigating fish oils with high polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), cholesterol and phospholipids.


I’ve been a frequent reader of this list for many years, and I look forward to participating in future discussions.  I really appreciate the help from Eric and Daniel.


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