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Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Ratings


Steph Avi ( Would someone recommend a good dissolved oxygen meter?  I’ll be using it at an outdoor tiger shrimp farm.  Currently, I am looking at the Lutron DO-5510.  Is it sufficient?  Can I purchase it in the United Kingdom?  Ebay has it, but I was wondering if someone else was selling it.


Ernest Khachatryan Yo ( Here’s a link to an OxyGuard meter that might interest you:


Tony Toh ( Try this link:


Enrique Manuel Niño Cordero ( YSI has the best-built oxygen meters.


Frank Richardson ( I second that!  YSI was one of the pioneers in this field, and they have been in business for a long time.


Michael Mogollon ( The “YSI 550A” is the best oxygen meter for field use.


Daniel Gruenberg ( I personally prefer the OxyGuard system for ease of calibration and convenience.


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