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Fungal Infections and Probiotics

November 9, 2007


B. Sakthi Mohan Ganesh ( How can I avoid fungal infections in shrimp larval rearing tanks that also contain probiotics?


Satish Kumar ( With fungal infections, prevention is better than cure.  If you properly dry the tanks and carefully wash the eggs and nauplii, the chances of getting fungal infections are minimal.  You must also take care in feed management and avoid contaminants.  If the fungi are a species of Lagenidium, I would suggest Treflan at 0.05 to 0.1 parts per million once or twice a day, depending on the severity, but you may still get low survivals.


Durwood Dugger ( Mr. Kumar makes a very valid point regarding the priority of prevention.  Assuming that you have already sterilized and filtered your hatchery water, high fungal levels in shrimp larval tanks are generally associated with open air hatcheries where there is insect contamination of the larval tanks.  If it isn’t feasible to have a completely biosecure hatchery, then at least cover your tanks sufficiently to prevent insect access and contamination, especially if you have lights over the larval tanks that might attract insects.  That should cut down on fungal inoculations significantly.


B. Sakthi Mohan Ganesh ( We can’t use Treflan in the tanks because it would kill the probiotic populations (Bacillus) that we encourage.

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