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GoPro Video of Shrimp


Daniel Gruenberg ( I’m having some fun taking underwater shots of shrimp with a GoPro cameraClick here to see some of my videosThe shrimp in the video have been in growout for 30 days, after having been stocked as PL-8s.


Robert Bauman ( I have only used a GoPro while spearfishing, but I have used scuba gear and free dived to observe shrimp behavior, always learning something new.  I learned where juvenile shrimp hang out in intensive, plastic-lined ponds and where mature shrimp position themselves around auto feeders in semi-intensive, earthen ponds.  I’ve seen all the sediment and molt deposits in “toilet flush” intensive ponds.  I’ve watched shrimp feed, and I love working on intake pipes for hatcheries.


Robin  Pearl ( Very cool. What’s the stocking density?


Daniel Gruenberg ( 150 PL-8s a square meter.


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