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How Do You Get Rid of Nudibranchs in Shrimp Ponds?


Javier G. Escobar R. ( I’d like to know if some of you guys have had problems with nudibranchs in your shrimp ponds.


Giovanni Chasin ( Javier, what kind of problems?  Do you have a massive presence of nudibranchs?  If that’s your problem, we found that a four-meter-long, 250-micron mesh bag at the water inlet helped keep them under control.


Javier G. Escobar R. ( We already have a massive presence of nudibranchs in our ponds so mesh bags at our inlet won’t work for us.  Do you—on someone else on The List—have some ideas for removing them from shrimp ponds?


Robert Bauman ( Javier, do you have photos of the nudibranchs?  I have only seen them while diving around coral reefs.  I’d like to see pictures of the ones in your ponds.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Javier, acetic acid worked well on jellyfish in shrimp ponds.  Why don’t you try it on your nudibranchs?


Javier G. Escobar R. ( Daniel, please recommend an experimental dose.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Javier, five-parts-per-million acetic acid worked with jellyfish.  I have no idea what the dose rate would be for nudibranchs.  Try running a little experiment in a small tank.  Let us know if it works.


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