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Nursery Feeders


Jeff Thompson ( I’m seeking information on feeders for PL nurseries.  Previously, at our test farm, we utilized belt feeders, and they occasionally got gummed up with micro feeds.  At our new location, the belt feeders are over tanks that contain 30°C water, which increased the problem of the feeds sticking to the belts.  “We start with 4-600 micron feeds then blend in 6-850 until we are on it 100%.  Our next blend will be adding the 850-1200 micron before getting to the 1.5mm.”


At the test farm, most issues occurred with the 4-600 and 6-850 micron feeds.  Once we progressed to 850-1200 and eventually the 1.5-mm feeds, we rarely, if ever, had issues.


Durwood Dugger (, Jeff, you might want to consider pneumatic feeders with self-sealing discharge ends.  Their feed reservoirs and associated equipment can be kept beyond the high humidity production areas.  I’m not aware of any aquaculture enterprises addressing this obvious problem, though some animal industries have—more or less.  It would be worth your time to check out how they did it.


Philip Michael Buike ( Hi Jeff, as far as I know, there are no blower-based feeders on the market for shrimp nurseries.


Smaller versions of conventional feeders with directed-flow and stainless hoppers (63-degree-wall-slope from the horizontal) work well in nursery ponds.


Many of the larger Ecuadorian producers are omitting the raceway stage and going straight to nursery ponds at 100 pl/m2 @ 400 pl/grm.


Robert Cantrell ( To keep your feeds from sticking to the belt, mix a little flour in with them.  Works for me.


John Crockett ( Hi Jeff, when I had your problem, I elevated the feeders to keep them as far away from the water surface as possible.  Aeration tends to create mist.  If the feeders are up high, the belts stay cleaner.


Nelson Gerundo ( Hi Jeff, maybe you could use redundant sets of portable belt feeders.  While one is being used, the other could be cleaned up and dried out.  Here are some great links to information on belt feeders:


Zeigler Belt Feeders

Pentair Belt Feeders

FIAP Aquaculture Belt Feeder (Video)


During my active time in the Philippine shrimp farming industry, we manually fed our larvae.


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