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Purchasing Small Orders of Postlarvae


Michael ( I am looking for postlarvae (PLs) for a start up project in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Based on my calculations, on a quarterly bases, I will need 60,000 to 70,000 PLs for six growout ponds, four intermediate ponds and two nursery tanks.  For several reasons—less stress, higher survivals and cost-effective transportation—I am looking for a supplier as close as possible to Georgia.  Because Saudi Arabia’s National Aquaculture group is only a four-hour flight from here, I tried to get PLs from them, but was not successful.


Roger Kelso ( Michael, I can help you with the names of hatcheries that are willing to work with small orders.  Please call or email me directly because I don’t like to promote suppliers on The List.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Roger, I just wanted to let you know that Michael is talking about the country of Georgia in Asia, not the state of Georgia in the United States.


Roger Kelso ( Daniel, thanks, I knew that.  Oddly enough, I was the area manager for a highway project from Baku, Azerbaijan (southeast of Georgia) to the Russian border.  My background is a bit different from most shrimpers.  I was the regional manager for an engineering company doing heavy civil engineering (mostly water/waste water, airport towers, highway design and program and construction management work) in northern Africa, the Middle East—and up to Azerbaijan.


I know of a couple PL suppliers that are less than four hours from Tbilisi who would likely send shipments (unless sanctions are in place).


Michael Giorgadze ( Yep, that’s correct.  It’s the country Georgia.  The project plans to market fresh shrimp to local markets.


Nelson Gerundo ( Roger, I think it’s perfectly all right to suggest the names of PL suppliers on The List.  It may also be good informative for other shrimp farmers in that part of the world.


Pangea Farms ( Roger, just saw your communication with Michael.  I would like to know if you know of any USA-based, PL suppliers besides Shrimp Improvement Systems that could fill small orders.  I’m starting a pilot-scale project and would love to be able to order 1,000 PLs without having to pay for tens of thousands that I don’t need.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Roger Kelso ( Sorry I don’t know of anyone who sells less than 30,000 PLs.  However, if you’re interested in 30-to-60-day juveniles, contact me at my personal email  It would be a live-haul deal.


Pangea Farms ( What’s the smallest number of juveniles that I can buy?  How much would they cost?


Daniel Gruenberg ( The problem with juveniles is that shipping costs and mortalities soon far outweigh any money saved by buying fewer animals.  Are you sure about your number, 1,000 PLs?  That’s only enough for a few kilograms of market-size shrimp!  Are you working on a research project?  PLs cost about $15 per 1,000, or $450 for 30,000.  How much do you think it will cost to live haul 1,000 juveniles?  I would say much more than $450.


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