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Revolutionary New Shrimp Feed Ingredient


Daniel Gruenberg ( Listers, check out this news release from Ridley Corporation in Australia about its new shrimp feed ingredient, Novacq.


Durwood Dugger (, Listers, no offense to Ridley, but if their control only had 51% survivals, they have serious diet-evaluation-design problems and their results are indefinable.


At least 30 years ago, most shrimp nutritionist concluded that diet evaluations in ponds were essentially meaningless because there are just too many uncontrollable variables in ponds, resulting in highly erratic and unreliable statistical results.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t use biologically and chemically defined pond water in a controlled experimental environment to determine the impact of pathogenic challenges.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Hmmm...Durwood, the release was about a Penaeus monodon field test, and 51% survivals in long-term P. monodon ponds using wild broodstock is not great, but not that bad either.


Ridley’s monodon diets are the highest performing diets in the world. They are also the most expensive monodon feeds in the world, but farmers are willing to pay the price due their reliable performance and real economic advantage.


The news was about a trial on a commercial farm.  I have seen a lot of the data on this, and it’s not an understatement to say that it will completely revolutionize shrimp farming.  The new feed increases growth rates by 30-70%, decreases feed conversion ratios (FCRs) and significantly improves disease resistance to a broad range of diseases.


Durwood Dugger (, Hi Daniel, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, meaning the burden is on Ridley to provide convincing results, and apparently they missed that opportunity in their current news release.  If they have good, definitive experimental results, they should have been tacked onto the news release.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Novacq was developed as a feed ingredient to dramatically improve growth while simultaneously reducing FCRs.  A secondary effect that Ridley has been studying is an increase in survivals after a disease attack.


The point of the news release is that the incorporation of Novacq in the diet not only results in significant improvements in growth and FCRs, but also significant improvements in shrimp health and survival.


Daniel Gruenberg ( Thailand’s shrimp farms will begin using Novacq quite soon.


Victor Suresh ( I have been tracking this product through the literature (scientific and press releases) right from its inception.  Application knowledge of the product is still evolving, but there is no doubt that the results are interesting enough to keep tabs on the product.


Information: Tim Hart, Chief Executive Officer, and Richard Smullen, Group Technical and R&D Manage, Head of Sales and Business Development/Aqua-Feed, Ridley Corporation, 12-18 Neon Street, Narangba, Queensland 4504, Australia (phone +61-7-3817-9812, fax +61-428-765-717, email, webpage


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