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Transporting Live Shrimp Without Water


Sergey Kisil ( I would like information on transporting live shrimp without water.


Roger Kelso ( Sergey, here’s a good link to a paper on transporting live shrimp without water:


Developing and Validating Protocols for Waterless Shipping of Live Shrimp.


Sergey Kisil ( Thank you so much.  We have already begun to experiment with shipping methods.


Nelson Gerundo ( Hi Sergey, in the Philippines, wild Metapenaeus ensis are transported daily from the provinces of Bulacan, Pangasinan, Zambales, Batangas and Pampanga to several live seafood restaurants in Metro Manila.  The live shrimp are layered in perforated plastic trays lined with freshly cut banana leaves.  Popular live seafood restaurants sell an average of 100 kilograms a day of live shrimp.  Seafood lovers at high-end restaurants order indicus because of its sweet taste.  When supplies of M. ensis are lean, restaurants display live Penaeus vannamei and M. ensis in aquariums.


Sergey Kisil ( Unfortunately in Ukraine and Russia there is not an abundance of palm leaves.  We’ll check out the local leaves.


Patrick Wood ( You can use moistened (not dripping wet) baby diapers as bed and cover when transporting live shrimp, but they may not work with all species.


Nelson Gerundo ( Hi Sergey, Moscow’s cold climate is a cost-saving advantage when it comes to holding and shipping live shrimp.  You save on heating costs.  The basic rule in live seafood holding is to keep the live seafood tank at the lower end of the species’ temperature range.  It lowers their metabolism; they consume less oxygen; and they lose less weight.  If you stop feeding for a while when the shrimp are in the display tank, the water will remain cleaner, and customers won’t see floating tidbits of poop.


Bob Rosenberry (  Also see Transporting Live Shrimp, a discussion that took place on The Shrimp List in August 2012.


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