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Where Can I Buy PLs in the European Union?


Maria Angélica Garrido ( I am looking for companies in Europe that supply Penaeus vannamei postlarvae and commercial feeds for P. vannamei.


Nelson Gerundo ( Angelica, you can seek the help of Eric De Muylder (  Eric is an expert on indoor shrimp farming in the EU.  He owns a shrimp farm in Belgium and has imported lots of vannamei postlarvae.  He knows all the importation requirements (permits, paper work, government rules and regulations) and where to find the best seedstock sources outside the EU.


Jonas Keitel ( Hi Maria, as far as I know, there are no PL producers in Europe.  The PL distributors in Europe get their PLs mainly from the USA.  I would not buy from them because it means prolonged transport and stress exposure for your PLs, plus additional costs.  You can purchase PLs directly from Florida; they will arrive the following day.


Regarding feed, how much do you need, and what shrimp size are we talking about?  You can contact Skretting France for info on its products.


Patrick Wood ( Only two companies make (or are allowed to make) shrimp feed in Europe.  Eric De Muylder is one, and the other is a French operation that ships to Madagascar.


Eric Muylder (, Angelica, I can supply you with feeds, from start till finish, even if you need small quantities.  I cannot supply postlarvae, and there are no postlarvae producers in Europe yet, unfortunately.


Karl Bissa ( Maria, at the moment there is no possibility of getting European produced PLs.  A company in Turkey is going to start production this year, I think.  Furthermore, there are some companies in Germany starting hatchery projects this year.


Patrick Wood ( Even if Turkey produces postlarvae, it is not in the European Union, and it is not approved by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).  Only the USA is approved.


Nelson Gerundo ( Roger Kelso ( Can you help Angelica with information on where to find vannamei PLs for importation into Europe?


Roger Kelso ( Nelson, I sent Angelica the latest contact info.


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